New Second Home Tax in Vienna in 2025

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Vienna is implementing new measures to regulate second homes. From 2025, an annual tax will be introduced for people who have a secondary residence in Vienna but do not have their main residence there.

People who have a secondary residence in Vienna will soon have to pay a fee, unless they also have a main residence in the city. / Picture: © / Birgit Adelsberger

The draft law on the second residence tax, presented by Vienna's City Councillor for Finance Peter Hanke (SPÖ), is being reviewed today and is expected to be adopted in the first half of 2024. The measure follows the model of other Austrian federal states and is set to come into force at the beginning of 2025.

Tariff structure and exceptions

The tax is based on the size of the apartment: apartments up to 60 square meters cost 300 euros, and up to 130 square meters 450 euros and 550 euros for larger apartments. Additional surcharges and discounts take into account the location and condition of the property. Special regulations apply for apartments without electricity supply and certain facilities such as student residences and care homes.

Finance Councillor Hanke emphasizes that the new tax contributes to fairness and to ensuring the quality of life in Vienna. In particular, the revenue is intended to help maintain the city's infrastructure and promote cultural activities.

Reactions to the levy

The NEOS welcomed the levy as a fair contribution that does not place an additional burden on the Viennese. Criticism comes from the Vienna Greens: party leader Judith Pühringer calls for a higher tax on vacant apartments and considers the current regulation to be inadequate.

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