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MOL: Oil Supply to Hungary not Endangered

Published: May 9, 2014; 11:40 · (Vindobona)

According to Hungarian oil and gas enterprise MOL, the supply to Hungary is not endangered by the delivery stop of Russian oild products passing through Ukraine.

Oil deliveries for Hungarian MOL are not affected by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. / Picture: © MOL

According to the company’s statement, the Hungarian energy enterprise receives its stock for its four refinieries from several suppliers. By the diversification, the security and continuous supply is ensured. The one line cut off only played a “supplementary role”, and would therefore not have any noticeable effects on MOL’s business activities.

On Monday, news reports appeared about the Russian pipeline company Transneft to have sopeed diesel shipments to Ukraine and Hungary last months due to unclarities about the ownership. “At the moment, we are tryingto figure out our position about the pipeline's future," a Transneft spokesman told news agency Reuters.