Made in Vienna: Immigration to Europe - Safe, Orderly and Regular

OrganizationsInternational Organizations ♦ Published: October 3, 2018; 15:46 ♦ (Vindobona)

Against the background of socio-economic developments and persisting economic imbalances the demand for migration will increase. Europe’s demand for skilled labour will grow and skills shortages will be felt more strongly in EU Member States. Non-European countries will need even greater support in creating economic opportunities for their young and growing populations. Both the EU and its partner countries have an interest in functioning policies that create regular channels for labour mobility, steer migration away from its irregular forms, and help put an end to the human tragedies that migration is currently associated with..

Syrian Refugee Camp / Picture: © U.S. Department of State

2018 is a decisive year for migration.

At UN level, the Global Compacts for Migration and Refugees are being finalised and will be tabled for adoption. For the first time, there will be an agreement about ‘safe, orderly and regular migration’ at the global level.

At European level, moreover, the reform processes to overcome the so-called refugee crisis and to prepare…