Leitl: „Securing Austria´s Top Ranking“

People ♦ Published: June 27, 2012; 19:16 ♦ (Vindobona)

WKO´s President Christoph Leitl calls for reforms. In order retain Austria´s economic position, reforms should be accelerated and taxes should be cut.

Leitl: „Securing Austria´s Top Ranking“ / Picture: © Wirtschaftsbund / Christoph Leitl

„Among the EU members, Austria is a top country. Regarding employment, jobs and the unemployment rate, we rank first. Regarding the GDP per capital, we moved to rank number three recently. With a tax quota of 43.7%, we rank fifth.“ Christoph Leitl explains. However, the high tax quota would be no reason for joy, Leitl added.

According to first estimates for 2011, the GDP per…