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Keuschnigg to Succeed Felderer

Published: February 8, 2012; 10:59 · (Vindobona)

Christian Keuschnigg will succeed Bernhard Felderer as director of the Austrian Institute of Advanced Studies (IHS) in June.

Keuschnigg to Succeed Felderer / Picture: © Institut für Höhere Studien - Institute for Advanced Studies

Christian Keuschnigg has signed the contract as new director of IHS. The Austrian national, who teaches at St. Gallen University in Switzerland, will succeed Bernhard Felderer at the beginning of June.

Keuschnigg, who is an expert in public finance, will be presented to the public in mid-May, the presidents of the institute´s curatorship, Heinrich Neisser and Ewald Nowotny stated. In the 1990s, Keuschnigg already acted as economist at IHS. His research main areas are taxation, tax reforms, welfare systems and investment & finance.

The designated director of IHS will not give up his professorship in St. Gallen. As the university approved to this suggestion by the beginning of January, Keuschnigg´s directorship at IHS had to be delayed. As Felderer´s contract expired at December 31, he currently has to conduct the institute temporarily.