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Industrial Association Demands Modernization of School System

Published: May 17, 2011; 19:31 · (Vindobona)

The Austrian Industrial Association emphasizes the role of school and the need for reforming the educational system as the economy already suffers from a skills shortage.

Industrial Association Demands Modernization of School System / Picture: ©

„Education will be the one central topic for increasing Austria’s location attractiveness and it will be a crucial factor determining the country’s prosperity and competitiveness”, emphasizes Peter Koren, vice secretary general of the Industrial Association (IV) on the occasion of opening the future forum “Skills of the 21st Century”. As the country is only at the beginning of an economic upswing and already confronted with a lack of qualified workforce, he argues that there is a clear necessity to put a political focus on education.

“Globalization, the internationally linked economy, the introduction of modern communication technologies, the rapid exchange of information and permanent technological improvements have increased the requirements expected from today’s youth.” Koren expects that the next generation will need a broader set of skills than any one before in order to succeed in a globalized business world and increasingly diverse societies.

From IV’s perspective, these developments pose a great opportunity to promote strategic evaluation and reformation of the school system. Koren argues that the country’s future is highly dependent on Austrians’ creativity, productivity and innovative strength. While business and society are rapidly changing he identifies a lagging development of the educational system. He therefore demands political efforts for school’s modernization.