German Creditor Pool Brings EUR 1 Bln Action Against Heta Before Frankfurt Regional Court

PoliticsDomestic ♦ Published: July 16, 2015; 17:15 ♦ (Vindobona)

The lawsuit demands almost EUR 1 billion and is brought in Frankfurt/Main against asset resolution company Heta. The creditor pool consists largely of German creditors which demand immediate repayment of bonds and promissory note loans.

Roland Hoffmann-Theinert: The lawsuit demands almost EUR 1 billion. / Picture: © GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB

German Creditor Pool Görg filed an action with the Frankfurt/Main Regional Court on behalf of a creditor pool consisting of 11 well-known investors from Germany and Austria.

The action is brought against Heta Asset Resolution AG, Klagenfurt and seeks to compel the repayment of claims totalling almost EUR 1 billion.

The spokesperson for the pool is Dexia Kommunalbank…