FACC and Parent AVIC to Shift Manufacturing of Passenger Cabins from Austria to China

TransportAirlines & Airports ♦ Published: October 23, 2014; 16:15 ♦ (Vindobona)

During the China trip of Economy Minister Mitterlehner, Foreign Affairs Minister Kurz and Agriculture Minister Rupprechter, FACC AG and parent Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) have re-confirmed their "plans to enter into a strategic partnership relating to the integration of aircraft passenger cabins in China". Over the long run this means, that Austrian know-how and Austrian jobs will be moved and outsourced to China.

FACC outsources Austrian know-how and Austrian jobs (back) to China / Picture: © NLR The Netherlands

In this cooperation, FACC will consult the AVIC subsidiary Fesher Aviation Components, based in Zhejiang, in industrialization and manufacturing of passenger cabins for civil aircraft destined for the Chinese market.

The contract was recently signed by Walter Stephan, FACC CEO, and Pang Zhen, Vice President Civil Aircraft of AVIC, witnessed by the Austrian Vice-Chancellor…