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EU Threatens Hungary With Process

Published: April 12, 2013; 18:14 · (Vindobona)

The EU Commission has warned Hunary with a lawsuit in case the government in Budapest should not withdraw the controversial amendmends to the consititution.

EU Threatens Hungary With Process / Picture: © Vindobona.org

In a letter to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, EU Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso has declared there were great concerns that Hungary violated the EU law with the alterations of the constitution.

As soon as legal examinations were completeted, the EU Commission will therefore take the necessary steps and will initiate legal proceedings against Hungary. At the same time, Barroso called on Orban to take the concerns of the EU Comission seriously and do away with all doubts determinedly.

In March, Orban’s Fidesz party has pushed trough a number of amendments to the constitution in the Hungarian parliament, which have been criticized as restrictions of democratic rights. Orban has repeatedly rejected the accussations and called them baseless. According to him, there was no evidence for the undermining of the democracy by the new reforms.

Yet, the majority of the population has to fight poverty. In general, the Hungarians are dissatisfied with the situation on the labor market and the whole economic development. Due to tax increases and the sharp austerity measures, real incomes are falling drastically. This year, unemployment is anticipated to remain stable. The Hungarian economy will stagnate this year, economists say. Also, the younger generations do not see any prospects. The universities have to experience buget cuts and graduates are not allowed to leave the country for several years which has recently been made a constitutional law.