"Equal Pension Day" Shows Significant Gap for Women

PoliticsDomestic ♦ Published: August 31, 2020; 14:36 ♦ (Vindobona)

Women in Vienna receive 32.6% less pension compared to men. Therefore, the risk of old-age poverty is dramatically higher for women than for men. The information is issued with reference to the Viennese "Equal Pension Day" on September 2.

Women in Austria receive on average 41.86% pension than men. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Usien [Public Domain]

"The Viennese 'Equal Pension Day' shows the income gap continues in old age.", reminds Kathrin Gaal, city councilor for women.

Women work more in low wage sectors and/or only part time and do most of the care work which is often unpaid.

This leads to a higher risk for women of falling into old-age poverty. For Gaal, it is also very important to strengthen girls and to show them their possibilities.

The Equal Pension Day shows that Viennese women receive a yearly pension which is the same amount than men receive until September 2.

In Vienna, the average pension for women amounts 1,327 euros and for men 1,968 euros. This is a gap of 641 euros.

However, compared to the rest of Austria, women in Vienna get a higher pension paid. A woman in Austria receives on average 41.86% less pension than men which are in total 825 euros.

Therefore, Vienna is the last federal state which has the Equal Pension Day. The state with the most significant gap is Vorarlberg this year. The federal state had its Equal Pension Day on July 7.