City of Vienna Seeks Community Communicators

More+More+ ♦ Published: February 7, 2023; 23:30 ♦ (Vindobona)

Vienna is a city of many nations and the city is always trying to strengthen social cohesion and togetherness. More than 60 people are already active as community communicators in Vienna, volunteering their time to improve dialog and exchange between the City of Vienna and various immigrant groups. Now the project starts in the 2nd round.

Vienna is a place of many nations, ethnicities and religions. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons; Ogre, CC BY 3.0

With the support of community communicators, the City of Vienna would like to better inform the different immigrant groups, but also to be informed about suggestions and needs.

Interested people can register with the Department for Integration and Diversity until February 17, 2023, to participate in the project Community Communicators.

"With this offer, we want to promote low-threshold exchange and hope to use the potential and knowledge from the communities and incorporate it into our daily work," says Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Integration Christoph Wiederkehr.

Since the start of the project in the fall, the community communicators have organized networking meetings, lectures and workshops together with the City of Vienna, depending on the needs of the respective immigrant group.

"It is a new way of meeting, where immigrants can speak for themselves, articulate needs and requirements and set activities in cooperation with the city," says Kemal Boztepe, initiator of the Community Communicators project and deputy head of the Integration and Diversity Department of the City of Vienna.

The project offers free training events and workshops and further modules are designed and offered according to the needs and wishes of the Community Communicators*innen. Voluntary internship days in the Department of Integration and Diversity are also possible and community communicators receive a recognition fee for the implementation of specific events.

If you would like to become a Community Communicator, please contact the Department of Integration and Diversity by phone or e-mail by February 17, 2023. Contact details can be found here!

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