Austrian President Van der Bellen Visits Pioneering Integration Project "NACHBARINNEN in Vienna"

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Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen emphasized the importance of integration and empowerment during his visit to the sewing workshop of the "NACHBARINNEN in Wien" association. The association, known for its successful work with migrant women, relies on the principle of self-empowerment and role models from their own culture to bring women and families with a migration background out of isolation.

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and the NACHBARINNEN in Vienna. / Picture: © Hanna Pribitzer

The project "NACHBARINNEN in Wien", loosely translated as "Neighbors in Vienna", is an example of successful integration and shows how targeted support and the interaction of different cultures can make a valuable contribution to society as a whole.

In the sewing workshop in Vienna's 15th district, where mainly upcycling products are made for local companies, women are introduced to the job market and earn their first money. The Federal President emphasized the importance of meeting people at eye level and talking to each other as the key to integration.

Founder Christine Scholten emphasized that Austria is dependent on migration and that real integration can only succeed through the joint efforts of all those involved. The "NACHBARINNEN" support refugee and migrant women, who are seen as the center of every family, and thus promote the integration of the whole family.

The association's working principle is based on empowerment with the aim of self-determination. The association's staff, themselves from a migrant background, serve as an important link between the cultures and help families to cope with everyday life in Austria. In the ten years since it was founded, the association has been able to support almost 4,000 families through home visits, official visits and learning support sessions. This work not only benefits migrants, but also the entire Viennese population.