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Austrian Post Cooperates with Swiss Post

Published: October 15, 2010; 15:59 · (Vindobona)

The two companies plan a joint venture to bundle international activities in the field of addressed advertising mail.

Austrian Post Cooperates with Swiss Post / Picture: © Swiss Post

The meiller direct GmbH based in Schwandorf, Germany, owned by the Austrian Post, as well as its subsidiaries, will start working in early 2011 in a joint venture with the Swiss Post subsidiary Swiss Post Solutions from Bamberg, also in Germany. The joint venture company will belong 65% to the Austrian Post, while the Swiss partner will hold the remaining 35%.

This way, a player active at European level in the area of individually addressed advertising mail is created. Clients will be offered consulting, conception and production -all provided by a single source- in future.

Existing production facilities of both companies in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia, operating in the segment, will be retained. Specializations however are being foreseen.

This form of cooperation should "be able to achieve a positive situation of sustainable earnings," said the Director General of the Österreichischen Post AG, Georg Pölzl. Approval by the relevant competition authorities is still pending.