Austrian NEOS Party Calls for Special Audit on Flawed Austrian Counterintelligence

PeopleOther ♦ Published: May 13, 2024; 16:58 ♦ (Vindobona)

In a recent initiative in the Austrian National Council, the NEOS party has requested a comprehensive special audit by the Austrian Court of Audit focusing on the effectiveness of counter-espionage measures in the central ministries. This demand is particularly directed at the ÖVP-led interior, foreign, and defense ministries, which, according to NEOS Secretary General Douglas Hoyos, have shown a "lax" attitude to counter-espionage for decades.

The case of Egisto Ott, the former constitutional protector confronted with accusations of espionage, casts a skewed light on the actions of the authorities and ministries. / Picture: © BMI Bundesministerium für Inneres / Alexander Tuma

The initiative follows the revelations and accusations against the former constitutional protector Egisto Ott, who was confronted with serious allegations of espionage. According to NEOS, this situation has shed light on serious shortcomings in the Austrian government's security mechanisms,