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Austrian Contemporary Art at Reichenau Castle: "Tension of the Moment"

More+More+ ♦ Published: July 27, 2021; 08:48 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria presents Austrian contemporary art in the exhibition "Tension of the Moment" as part of the project series "Augen-Blicke über den Horizont hinaus (Eye-Views Beyond the Horizon)" at Reichenau Castle.

Austrian Contemporary Art at Reichenau Castle: "Tension of the Moment" / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Bwag, CC BY-SA 4.0

Reichenau an der Rax - once a posh health resort for the Viennese aristocracy and rich bourgeoisie - inspires to these days with its special flair and its magical natural scenery of the north-eastern limestone Alps numerous lovers of nature, mountain hikers and people seeking relaxation.

Who knows the history of this place, that has conserved its beauty and charm over the centuries despite all adversities and social changes, may as well think: where if not here could one - after the forced interruption - celebrate the revival of our art!

So eventually, on July 22nd, the “Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreich“ (Professional Association of Fine Artists of Austria) has opened the exhibition „Spannung des Augenblicks” (tension of the moment) in the Palace of Reichenau, which at the same time hosts several exhibitions and often serves as a location for concerts and culinary events as well.

The event, which is curated by Berthild Zierl is part of the international project of Professor Albert Hoffmann “Augen-Blicke über den Horizont hinaus” (moments beyond the horizon).

Here the visitor experiences an insight into Austrian contemporary art, which is hard to beat in terms of the variety of the techniques and styles, as well as the stories and personalities of artists.

The same applies to the lighting conditions and the rooms in the palace, which perfectly accentuate each of the recognizable carefully combined works.

The opening already offered moving moments, as Professor Hoffman pointed out, how art delights our souls and especially in times of digitalisation and fast technical progress a piece of art created by a human hand always represents something very special and irreplacable.

The standout work is the painting "The Insignificance of the Moment" ("Die Bedeutungslosigkeit des Augenblicks") by Georgia-born painter Nana Alioni.

Born in Tbilisi in 1964, Ms. Alioni says about herself and art "In my paintings I try to unite the aspects of Georgian and Central European art. But decisive impulses come from my homeland. My painting is based on intuition and memory, especially from my youth. The act of painting is a long process with the concepts and preliminary studies, although spontaneity also plays very important role. But the most important thing for me is the effect of the colors and how the colors are coordinated. I paint with a palette knife. The use of palette knife creates dense layers of paint and dynamically textured surfaces. Several layers of paint are applied on top of each other. In the center of the subject matter is almost always the man or the man and the animal with hidden drama. Very important is the emotional level of the depicted persons. They constantly seek contact with the viewer. Many mythological themes appear. I stick to the figurative to bring the penetration of physicality into the picture. Among my favorite subjects are the anti-heroes."

Exhibiting artists:

Polzer Renate, Kos Tonia, Kratzig Bernhard, Kurnig Ingrid, Amerbauer Martin, Maurer Yoly, Hoffmann Albert, Karlhuber Hanno, Alioni Nana, Zierl Berthild, Micka Elisabeth, Mikysek Gerhard Jakob, Bina Gabriele, Boldi, Braun Gerda, Eichinger Christian, Eichinger Christine A, Lessel Jagoda, Friesenbichler Elfriede, Fürst Elisabeth K., Gaenszle Linda, Gartner Petra, Guzei- Taschner, Haiden Christine, Hasenöhrl Josef, Hodel-Onstein Anneke, Voltmann Rainer, Kamp Stefan Alexander,  Lichtenhofer-Wagner Brigitte, Liska Peter, Lunardi Nicol, Ofner Sigrid, Panzenböck Willibald, Paula Stephanie, Payer Ilse, Reimer Gisela, LeRusch alias Rudolf Schar, Scherabon Isabella, Todt Christine, Trabitsch Andrea, Trivkovic Panto, Tschank Heidi, and Lutter Renate.

The exhibition runs until August 22, 2021, daily from 10 am to 4pm.

Kulturschloss Reichenau
Schlossplatz 9
2651 Reichenau

Birgit Adelsberger