Austria: Inflation Decreased Only Slightly

BusinessEconomy ♦ Published: January 16, 2013; 13:17 ♦ (Vindobona)

Average annual inflation rate of consumer prices decreased to 2.4 % (HICP: 2.6%) in 2012. Consumer price inflation remained constant at +2.8% (HICP +2.9%) in December 2012.

Austria: Inflation Decreased Only Slightly / Picture: ©

In 2012, the average annual inflation rate of the consumer price index measured by Statistics Austria was 2.4%.The average annual rate was lower than in 2011 (3.3%) but higher than in 2010 (1.9%). At the beginning of 2012, price inflation still stood at about 2.8%. Over the year, the price rise decreased to 2.1% during the summer months and went back to 2.8% from October onwards.…

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