Austria in the Fight Against Violence Against Women

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In Austria and around the world, the fight against violence against women and girls is being pursued with vigor. This is reflected in various initiatives and events that raise awareness of this important issue and promote concrete measures to combat such violence.

The "Orange the World" campaign, by illuminating buildings in orange, demonstrates global solidarity with victims of violence against women. / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Andy Wenzel / Cropped

As part of the "Orange the World" campaign initiated by UN Women, the Austrian Foreign Ministry is campaigning intensively against violence against women. From November 25 to December 10, the ministry is drawing attention to gender-based violence and promoting awareness of this global problem. The campaign, which symbolizes a better and violence-free future, includes various activities, including the lighting of buildings in orange.

The campaign emphasizes that gender-based violence occurs in all walks of life and manifests itself in various forms, such as female genital mutilation, forced marriage, human trafficking, and digital violence. It particularly emphasizes the traumatic impact of sexual violence, which affects entire societies.

Feminist foreign policy

Another important step is the "Feminist Foreign Policy" event hosted by the second President of the National Council, Doris Bures, in Parliament. This innovative approach to international relations focuses on gender equality and the dismantling of patriarchal structures. The event will offer insights into the challenges and successes of feminist foreign policy.

Budget increase and government measures

The Austrian federal government is also showing its commitment to the fight against violence against women by increasing the budget for women's counseling centers. This budget increase is part of the comprehensive efforts to combat violence in all its forms and to strengthen the self-determination of women.

The "Orange the World" campaign shows solidarity with victims of violence not only in Austria but worldwide. The lighting up of buildings in orange serves as a visible sign of this solidarity. These campaigns are part of a global movement that draws attention to the urgency of the issue and calls for action.

The initiatives in Austria and around the world make it clear that the fight against violence against women is a task for society as a whole that must be tackled at the national and international levels. The various measures and campaigns are an important step towards drawing attention to the problem and promoting concrete solutions.

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