Austria Has 2.2 Million Retirees

Politics ♦ Published: January 14, 2012; 15:43 ♦ (Vindobona)

Against 2010, the number of retirees was up by 1.3%. The average retirement age did not increase, employment of older persons could improve.

Austria Has 2.2 Million Retirees / Picture: ©

Austria has reached a new record level of retired persons. In December, 2,25 million pensions were paid out, which is a rise by 30,000 new pensions against 2010. Early retirements were up by 4.1% Against 2010, the retirement age did not change. The average retirement age for men was 59 years, for women 57 years. According to ÖVP, the average age should rise by four years until 2020.…