Austria Celebrates Ten-millionth COVID-19 Vaccination

Lifestyle & TravelHealth ♦ Published: August 16, 2021; 14:52 ♦ (Vindobona)

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein celebrated Austria administering its ten-millionth dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. The pair thanked everyone for their efforts and pleaded with the unvaccinated to go get vaccinated.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (right) and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (left): "The vaccination campaign is a complete success." / Picture: © Bundeskanzleramt (BKA) / Arno Melicharek

Austria has reached another milestone in its campaign to vaccinate the population against COVID-19. The country recently administered its ten-millionth vaccination.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein celebrated this achievement, but they also reminded everyone that the fight against the virus is ongoing and that more people still need to get vaccinated.

They declared, “The vaccination campaign is a complete success. The latest figures confirm to us the high effectiveness of the vaccination of over 90 percent.”

Chancellor Kurz said, “The ten-millionth vaccination is a gratifying milestone. We are on a good path. However, it is important to keep at it now and also motivate those who have not yet been vaccinated, especially among the young. Once again, I would like to urge everyone to take advantage of the vaccination offer to protect themselves and others.”

“Ten million Corona vaccinations–this is a great achievement that we could only achieve together. On average, around 45,000 vaccinations were carried out per calendar day this year. On the strongest day, June 2, even 143,668 people in Austria were vaccinated, unbelievable. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible,” said Mückstein

Kurz also offered his thanks to everyone involved, “On behalf of the federal government, may I also thank everyone who has already been vaccinated so far, as they are making a significant contribution to protecting themselves and others. The vaccination campaign is an unprecedented logistical challenge, so a big thank you to all those who bear responsibility for the vaccination success, whether in the states, cities and municipalities, hospitals, doctors' offices or in companies.”

As of 11 August, 10.039 million vaccine doses have been administered so far. More specifically, 4.89 million Austrians are already considered fully immunized, which corresponds to almost 55 percent of the total population. Additionally, more than 60 percent of the population has already received at least one vaccination, which equates to around 5.36 million people.

Mückstein ended by once again appealing to the unvaccinated Austrian people to get vaccinated, “Our ultimate goal must be to increase the vaccination coverage rate step by step. Therefore, I renew my appeal: please get vaccinated and complete your vaccination protection. This appeal is especially directed to the young people in the country. The Covid-19 vaccine is our only way out of the pandemic, and it provides more than 90 percent protection against infection–and thus also from Long Covid. This is how we as a society can protect ourselves and prevent the infection situation from worsening again. Don't risk anything, please get vaccinated.”

Austrian Federal Chancellery