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AT&S Leaves the Crisis Behind

Published: October 21, 2010; 15:25 · (Vindobona)

Thanks to growth in sales and massive investments, AT&S looks forward to a positive future.

AT&S Leaves the Crisis Behind / Picture: © AT&S

The printed circuit board manufacturer AT&S is again in the black after the first quarter CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer says: "The strategy of pushing innovations forward and bringing them to  market before the competitors do, has paid off." The company achieved record sales for just below 243 million euro and an EBIT margin of over 10%. The EBIT is therefore 25.5 million euro, with sales growth for the same period reaching 41%.

Most of the revenue growth is due to massive investments in India and China. "The expansion of production capacity is associated with the growth of our customers. We are one of the first manufacturers to have implemented a series production in the embedded systems industry", adds Gerstenmayer.

The customer portfolio is well balanced. Sales are 29% in the EU, 28% in Asia and 27% in America. The rest is mainly attributable to non-EU members in Europe.

The debt equity ratio has increased, due to the expansion of capacity, to 72%. This does not constitute a problem, however, because the value is still below the maximum value of 80%, says AT&S’s CEO.

In addition, AT&S is for sustainability: "Using raw materials and energy more efficiently is not only a social must, it also ensures medium-term competitiveness for our company," according to Gerstenmayer.