"Wiener Gusto" in the Final for the EU Organic Awards 2023

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Vienna is a proud finalist in this year's EU Organic Awards in the category "Best Organic City" thanks to its city-owned food brand "Wiener Gusto".

Visit to the Vienna Gusto warehouse with Climate City Councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky. / Picture: © PID/VOTAVA

This year, the City of Vienna is represented as one of the three finalists in the category "Best Organic City" at the EU Organic Awards with its project "Wiener Gusto" of the Forestry and Agricultural Enterprise.

"Our organic brand has been enthusiastically received by many customers* since its launch. The fact that it is now also a finalist for the EU Organic Awards makes us proud and at the same time underlines the high quality of Viennese agriculture. This nomination honors us very much and motivates us to continue the project and to expand the product range," emphasizes Climate City Councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky.

The "Wiener Gusto" project of the City of Vienna's Forestry and Agriculture Department is unique. The agricultural products are 100 percent organic and come from regional production. Thanks to short transport routes, "Wiener Gusto" makes an important contribution to climate protection and the city's security of supply. It all started a year ago with the organic wheat flour smooth type 700. In the meantime, organic mountain lentils, organic potatoes, organic linseed oil, other organic flours, and a diverse selection of game meat specialties are also on offer. With this impressive project, Vienna has a good chance of winning the title of "Best Organic City in the EU."

In organic farming, gentler methods are used than in conventional farming. No mineral or easily soluble fertilizers are used, and no insecticides or pesticides that could harm the soil, plants, or small farm animals are used. Cultivation is also free of genetic engineering. While these methods may produce lower yields, they do not put as much stress on the soil and maintain its fertility over the long term. Since the forestry and agricultural company's products are all grown in the region around Vienna, travel distances are very short. This protects the environment not only during cultivation but also during transport.

Organic farming makes a significant contribution to a sustainable society. It protects and promotes biodiversity, reduces CO2 emissions through short transport distances, and strengthens the regional economy through local farms. To recognize these positive effects of organic farming, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), COPA-COGECA, and IFOAM Organics Europe award outstanding projects in seven categories every year.

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