Vienna Congress comsult 2016: "The Future of Growth"

Companies ♦ Published: January 20, 2016; 18:30 ♦ (Vindobona)

"The Future of Growth" was the topic of the Vienna Congress com•sult 2016 which took place at Vienna's House of Industry. The Vienna Congress once again brought together prominent figures from the worlds of politics, economics and science to discuss future development of different aspects, focusing on the issue of migrant crisis, which has been one of the greatest challenges faced by European states and institutions in every sense. Distinguished participants from industry, politics and the business community such as Milica Pejanovic, Mohamed El Baradei, Mario Monti, Markus Rogan, Dan Shechtman and Guenther Fehlinger discussed perspectives and strategies for new growth in Europe.

Vienna Congress com.sult: Golden Arrow 2016 – Winners Mohamed El Baradei, Mario Monti, Markus Rogan, Dan Shechtman & Günther Fehlinger / Picture: © Create Connections GmbH / Opinion Leaders Network GmbH

The Vienna Congress com.sult 2016 focused on a key topic of our economic and political future in Europe: the future of growth.

Perspectives and strategies for new growth are needed which rest on optimal location conditions and provide the foundations for the continuance of the European economic and social model.

What is also required, however, is a growth-oriented…