Vienna Airport Expands Cargo Traffic with Asia

PeopleExecutives ♦ Published: February 28, 2024; 11:29 ♦ (Vindobona)

Vienna Airport is setting new standards in international air cargo traffic through significant cooperation agreements with Incheon Airport in South Korea and the renowned airline Korean Air. These strategic alliances mark a decisive step towards increasing capacities and efficiency in the cargo sector between Europe and Asia and further strengthening Vienna's position as a leading hub in the air cargo industry.

Vienna Airport has strengthened its position as a cargo hub for Asia through cooperation agreements with Incheon Airport and Korean Air. / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / Stanislav Doronenko / CC BY-SA (

During an official visit to Seoul, trend-setting agreements were signed which provide for a more intensive partnership in market cultivation and the development of first-class services in the cargo sector. Julian Jäger, Member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG, expressed his optimism about these new partnerships: "The decision to expand our cooperation with Korean Air and Incheon Airport opens up unprecedented opportunities for us to strengthen and expand our role as a key hub for air cargo traffic between Asia and Europe."

Deeper cooperation with Incheon Airport

The partnership with Incheon Airport, one of the leading air cargo hubs in Asia, has been strengthened by a detailed Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement is aimed at increasing the efficiency and capacity of both airports by optimizing operational processes and logistics systems through the mutual transfer of knowledge. Vienna Airport is thus taking an important step towards further strengthening its strategic position in the airfreight industry and establishing itself as an efficient European cargo hub.

Expanded cooperation with Korean Air

The expansion of the cooperation with Korean Air, which has represented a decisive link between Vienna and the markets in Central and Eastern Europe for more than twenty years, marks a further milestone. The new agreement, which was signed during the working visit to Seoul, includes not only joint marketing initiatives but also an increased exchange of expertise to better tailor the services offered to the needs of freight forwarders and cargo shippers.

Vienna Airport as a cargo hub in the heart of Europe

With its strategically advantageous location in Central Europe, Vienna Airport acts as an efficient hub for the movement of goods between Europe and Asia. Continuous investments in the airport's infrastructure, including the state-of-the-art handling facilities of its own Pharma Handling Center, underscore the commitment to offering the highest quality of service in the airfreight sector. With an airfreight volume of 245,009 tons in 2023, Vienna Airport is a dynamic and growing hub for international airfreight traffic.

Vienna AirportCity: a dynamic location for companies

Vienna AirportCity, which is directly adjacent to Vienna Airport, offers an outstanding infrastructure for companies in the logistics sector and beyond. The direct connection to the road and rail network, modern office space, and proximity to the airport's logistics facilities make it an ideal location for companies looking for an efficient and well-connected operating environment. With around 23,000 employees in 250 companies, AirportCity is a vibrant business center that makes Vienna Airport more than just a transport hub.

These new partnerships signal an important phase in the development of Vienna Airport as a global air cargo center. They not only strengthen economic ties between Europe and Asia but also help to increase the efficiency and reach of global air cargo transportation.

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