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Eco World Styria - Styrians to outstrip U.S.

Published: July 16, 2010; 00:00 · (Vindobona)

The network meets the future on the international market as "The World's Green Tech Valley": a success story.

Eco World Styria - Styrians to outstrip U.S. / Picture: © Vindobona.org

Eco World Styria wants to be known on the international market as "The World's Green Tech Valley".

With new board members the environmental cluster wants to push for developments in energy and environmental technology, air pollution control, water conservation, waste management, renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The network is booming and the economic crisis did not have a large impact. Since 2005 an average growth of 18 percent was recorded per year in the environmental technology sector, a number far above the international average.

Green Jobs

Even in the critical year 2009, there was a five per cent plus. "Strong developments were registered especially in hydropower, biomass, material flow and solar technologies," said cluster manager Bernhard Puttinger. "The motivation to protect the environment is not enough. You have to push through projects and business management."

In addition to the previous owners - Province of Styria and City of Graz - now also Binder + Co, the equadrat group, the research center for integrated construction (Fibag) and the KWB biomass heating systems participate.

"We still require some surge of innovation in high tech sectors," Puttinger addresses the topic of software and machine controls as a matter of urgency. Styria has the best prospects with universities and competence centres. "By 2015, the number of technology leaders should double."