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Strong Year 2010/11 for Keba

Published: April 2, 2011; 08:30 · (Vindobona)

The automation company has seen strong revenue growth in the previous year. The growth outlook is positive thanks to new markets.

Strong Year 2010/11 for Keba / Picture: ©

The Linz-based electronics company achieved a sales growth of 16% in the previous year. Sales amounted to € 120m and allowed to return to pre-crisis levels. A sharp increase is being felt in the demand, especially in the field of industrial automation, said CEO Gerhard Luftsteiner.

The difference is so great because during the economic crisis, demand in some segments of customers collapsed by up to 50%. The area of "Bank Automation" proved to be stabler. Keba specializes, among other things, in the production of automatic teller machines.

A further rise in sales is expected for 2011, provided that the events in Japan and the Arab world do not impact dramatically on the world economy. A recession in Japan would have grave consequences for Keba, as the company just completed its successful entry into this market recently. However, China is an even more important growth market, said Luftensteiner. 15% of the company’s sales are already being made over there.

Keba employs 770 employees and is in addition to its Central European markets mainly active in North America, China and Turkey.