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Slovenia on Top of Prosperous Countries in Emerging Europe

Published: October 30, 2013; 19:29 · (Vindobona)

Slovenia is leading the list of prosperous countries in Emerging Europe. Bulgaria is on the last position.

Slovenia on Top of Prosperous Countries in Emerging Europe / Picture: ©

Regardless of its current financial distress Slovenia has to struggle with, the country is the most prosperous in Emerging Europe, according to Legatum Institute’s most recent annual prosperity index. Apart from income, there are further criteria like “safety and security”, “personal freedom”, “social capital” and “education. “Traditionally, a nation’s prosperity has been based solely on macroeconomic indicators such as a country’s income, represented either by GDP or by average income per person (GDP per capita)," the institute states on its website. "However, most people would agree that prosperity is more than just the accumulation of material wealth, it is also the joy of everyday life and the prospect of being able to build an even better life in the future." "The Prosperity Index is distinctive in that it is the only global measurement of prosperity based on both income and wellbeing,” it adds.

While neighoring country and newest member of the European Union Croatia comes only at 53rd the small country is ranks 24th in the most prosperous countries worldwide and is the clear leader of the region of former Yugoslavian countries since per-capita income comes at US-$ 27,474 and ranks 9th in the category “education”. However, it ranks last in the category “economy”, which does come as a full surprise.

Bulgaria ranks 97th behind countries like Turkey (87th), Tajikistan (94th) and Armenia (95th) while Romania comes at 55th place.

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