Siemens to Cut 1,000 Jobs in Austria?

Politics ♦ Published: May 24, 2013; 16:06 ♦ (Vindobona)

No official figures were disclosed. However, there are “programs”, which have to be negotiated with employees, according to a spokesman.

Siemens to Cut 1,000 Jobs in Austria? / Picture: © Siemens AG

Up to 1,000 jobs could be axed at three Austrian location, newspaper Standard reports. At the central office in Vienna up to 500 jobs could be cut. Oberösterreiche Nachrichten reports about 400 posts being at risk at VAI in Linz while in Weiz up to 100 jobs are supposed to be abolished.

The central office of Siemens in Vienna has not made any concrete statements yet. Siemens…