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Sensation: South Gate of Roman Fortress Vindobona Discovered within the City of Vienna

Published: August 12, 2019; 12:12 · (Vindobona)

The foundation of the missing main gate Porta Decumana of the Roman legionary camp Vindobona came to light during construction works.

Reconstruction of the southwestern main gate to Vindobona, the Porta Decumana. / Picture: © Stadtarchäologie Wien / 7reasons

Archaeologists of the Vienna City Archaeology had a small sensation when they recently discovered foundation stones of the archway of the Porta Decumana (the main gate).

The discovery was made by chance when the road had to be dug up after a gas leak.

This made it possible to locate the Porta Decumana (also the main gate or in the case of Vienna the southwest gate), the…

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