Oerlikon: Acquittal for Stumpf, Vekselberg, Pecik

CompaniesOther ♦ Published: September 24, 2010; 10:48 ♦ (Vindobona)

In the case of Oerlikon, the Swiss Federal Criminal Court acquitted investors Viktor Vekselberg, Georg Stumpf and Ronny Pecik from the charge of violating the Exchange Act in the case of OC Oerlikon.

Oerlikon: Acquittal for Stumpf, Vekselberg, Pecik / Picture: © Oerlikon

The accused had fought the fine imposed on each of them for 40 million francs (30.2 million euro) by the Swiss Department of Finance (EFD).

The Swiss Federal Ministry of Finance had accused Vekselberg and the two Austrians Pecik and Stumpf, of having violated the group-reporting requirements when getting into the technology group OC Oerlikon.

Specifically, the…

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