Linhart: “Solidarity With Persecuted Religious Minorities in the Middle East”

Middle EastIran ♦ Published: November 27, 2015; 15:00 ♦ (Vindobona)

The Secretary General for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Michael Linhart received the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon, Louis Raphael I Sako, and the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Teheran, Ramzi Garmou for talks on the situation of religious minorities in the Middle East, including in Iran. “The commitment to freedom of religion and the protection of religious minorities, especially of persecuted Christians in the region is a focal point of Austria’s foreign policy”, Secretary General Linhart outlined: “Therefore, we seek the dialogue with interested partners. The religious leaders play an important role in this, as religions must be a part of a lasting solution.”

Secretary General for Foreign Affairs met with the Patriarch of Babylon Louis Raphael I Sako / Picture: © Wikipedia / Collona

The central theme of the talks was the question how to protect different religious and cultural communities through dialogue.

The two religious leaders are renowned representatives of ecumene and dialogue in the region and are particularly committed to the protection of persecuted religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.

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