Austria will Remain an Asylum Country with Tradition

Asia-PacificVietnam ♦ Published: October 28, 2015; 17:00 ♦ (Vindobona)

Since 1945 more than two million refugees have come to Austria, whereby almost 700,000 have remained here - that is about 9 per cent of the total population of Austria. Every second refugee had a different mother tongue than German. The refugee crises occurred in a mysterious sequence, as every twelve years, large waves of refugees arrived in Austria: 1956, 1968, 1980 and 1992.

Austria: A History of Helping / Picture: © BMI Bundesministerium für Inneres / Alexander Tuma


When 180,000 Hungarians came to Austria in 1956/57, there were already 114,000 refugees from the years after World War II who had to be cared for. 20,000 of them still lived in refugee camps.


After the Warsaw Pact troops marched into former Czechoslovakia in 1968, Austria experienced the second large wave of…

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