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Advertising Climate Index for Austria's Economy Shows Upward Trend

Published: March 5, 2011; 00:23 · (Vindobona)

Advertising Climate Index: Economic Chamber and WIFO create the opportunity for more precise analysis of the Austrian advertising market situation.

Advertising Climate Index for Austria's Economy Shows Upward Trend / Picture: © Vindobona.org

Together with the WIFO, the Economic Chamber presented the new Advertising Climate Index. "The Advertising Climate Index will analyze quarterly the developments and expectations in the advertising industry, because it is particularly important to convey the economic importance and the concerns of political interest of the communication and advertising industry to politicians, the media and the public through specific figures," according to Mr. Sery-Froschauer from the Fachverband für Werbung (Advertising Association).

"Over the last three months (December to February) the advertising climate index is with an average of +22 points well inside positive territory. This indicates a noticeably brightening economic situation for the communications industry", said Karl Aiginger (WIFO). To compare, during the last decade, the index was on average in this strongly expansive industry at +14 points, excluding the recent crisis at +17 points.

A review of the past few months shows that demand for advertising services and marketing communications has picked up significantly since last fall. The business situation of the industry has also improved during this period. Concrete orders remain the weakness of the economic recovery in the communications business for the time being. Although they have risen significantly after the crisis low of summer 2009, they are still sensitively below pre-crisis levels.

No decline in employment was recorded by the advertising companies recently. The creation of 2,032 new companies in the industry was announced; total annual sales of € 5.3bn were reported.