Wiener Linien: 3,000 New WienMobil Bikes in Vienna in 2022

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Wiener Linien has announced that its new bike-sharing service "WienMobil Rad" will be replacing "Citybike Wien" in 2022. They also announced there will be more bikes available in more locations. Read about the new bikes, how much they will cost, and where they can be found in Vienna.

Vienna Public Transport City Councilor Peter Hanke (left): "With the WienMobil bikes, it will be even easier to explore the city in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way." / Picture: © Magistrat der Stadt Wien / PID / Tobias Holzer

Wiener Linien will soon be offering bicycles as an option for transportation around Vienna. With the bike-sharing service WienMobil Rad, which will replace Citybike Wien from next year, the fleet of Wiener Linien will be expanded by 3,000 bicycles in 2022.

The market leader in Europe, nextbike, has prevailed in a Europe-wide tender. In addition to setting up the stations, nextbike will also provide the bikes and operate them, including servicing, maintaining, and distributing the bikes.

The first stations will open with the first 1,000 bikes from April 2022. By the time it is fully operational in fall 2022, there will be a total of 3,000 bikes–this will double the number of previous rental bikes.

“The new bike-sharing concept will bring twice as many bikes as before, many new locations, and cover all 23 districts. With the WienMobil bikes, it will be even easier to explore the city in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way,” said Public Transport City Councilor Peter Hanke.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from Citybike to WienMobil Rad, the previous Citybike stations will be gradually replaced with WienMobil Rad stations at the beginning of next year. This means that there will be a sufficient supply of rental bikes available at all times.

“The routes taken by public transport users are very individual, and we at Wiener Linien want to offer the best possible service for this. We complement the classic public transport subway, tram, and bus with rental bikes, scooters, or rental cars and thus offer a colorful mix of mobility across the city,” says Wiener Linien Managing Director Alexandra Reinagl.

New locations

Bikes will also be available for rent from 2022 in the Simmering, Floridsdorf, Donaustadt, and Liesing districts.

In addition to the expansion in those districts that previously did not have a bike-sharing system, the existing offer is also being increased. This means that WienMobil bikes are available in all 23 districts of Vienna around the clock, seven days a week.

A total of around 185 fixed physical stations and 50 digital stations will be set up.

Physical stations are reserved exclusively for rental bikes and are marked with a red information column.

Digital stations can also be set up temporarily, e.g. for events, and the bike hangers are also accessible to the general public.

The bikes

WienMobil Rad is a 7-speed smart bike with an integrated electronic frame lock. The bike can be located using GPS and borrowed and returned at fixed physical and digital stations.


Billing is carried out every half hour. The standard cost will be € 0.60 per 30 minutes, but regular Wiener Linien customers, such as annual ticket holders, will only pay € 0.30 per 30 minutes.

WienMobil Rad will be integrated into the WienMobil app.

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