What is the Houskapreis? 13 Projects Nominated for the B&C Private Foundation Research Award

More+Events ♦ Published: March 6, 2023; 22:32 ♦ (Vindobona)

The nominated projects for the Houskapreis 2023, the research prize of the B&C Private Foundation, have been determined. But what is the renowned Austrian Houska Prize all about?

The Houskapreis is one of Austria's largest private awards for applied research, with an endowment of 750,000 euros. / Picture: © Alexander Müller, www.alexandermüller.at

The Houska Prize was established by the B&C Private Foundation in 2005 to improve the financial basis for innovation and research in Austria and to express its appreciation for the outstanding research work being done in Austria.

"Our foundation's purpose is to promote Austrian entrepreneurship. By promoting applied research, we would like to contribute to economic innovation in this sense," explained Erich Hampel, Chairman of the Board of the B&C Private Foundation.

In the now 18th edition of the research award, the golden statue will be awarded in a festive award ceremony on April 27, 2023, in the categories "University Research," "Research & Development in SMEs" and, for the first time, "Non-University Research."

"The projects submitted for the Houskapreis 2023 are all characterized by the fact that they can achieve special significance for the domestic economy in practical use," said Hampel.

A total of 13 nominees from different disciplines have a chance to win the main prize of 150,000 euros per category. The runners-up will receive prize money of 60,000 euros each and the third-place winners 20,000 euros each. The other nominees will each receive 10,000 euros. With total prize money of 750,000 euros, the Houska Prize of the B&C Private Foundation is the largest private prize for applied research in Austria.

The nominees including project descriptions for the Houskapreis 2023 of the B&C Private Foundation are available here! (in German)

About the B&C Private Foundation

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The B&C Private Foundation promotes Austria as a business and entrepreneurial location through numerous projects and initiatives that actively contribute to improving the economic and legal framework in Austria. These include the Houskapreis, foundation professorships, the Vienna Business Law Day and the eXplore! location initiative and the MEGA Education Foundation.

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