Vienna Congress comsult 2014: "Europe - Setting Directions"

People ♦ Published: January 21, 2014; 18:00 ♦ (Vindobona)

Distinguished participants from industry, politics and the business community such as the former German Minister of Finance and Member of the German Bundestag Peer Steinbrück, the former President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus, Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Mastermind of David Cameron, Phillip Blond, Member of the European Parliament Paul Rübig, economist and co-founder of AfD Bernd Lucke and Iain Begg, professorial research fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science are currently dicussing this issue in Vienna.

Vienna Congress com.sult 2014: "Europe - Setting Directions" / Picture: © Create Connections Networking & Lobbying GmbH

Vienna Congress com.sult gave the starting signal for the European Year 2014

Top-class European referees discuss the future of growth, employment and democracy in Europe

Under this years motto „Europe: Setting directions“ top-class referees of Europe, the US and the Middle East discussed the future of growth, employment and democracy in Europe and dealt with…