Vienna City Tourist Attraction "Fiaker" at Risk of Termination

Published: October 19, 2018; 11:17 · (Vindobona)

A last ride quickly? Fiakers belong to the classic tourist image of Vienna. The sightseeing tours through the historic streets at a leisurely pace are very popular with Vienna travellers. According to various media reports, however, a ban on horse-drawn carriages is being considered for downtown Vienna (1st district). The hooves of the horses and carts would cause about 800,000 Euros of damage annually. Are they now part of the cityscape or are they just animal cruelty?

A "Fiaker" in front of the Austrian Parliament / Picture: © Wikimedia Commons / böhringer friedrich [CC BY-SA 2.5]

A fiacre is a form of hackney coach, a horse-drawn four-wheeled carriage for hire. In Vienna such cabs are called Fiaker. They are a popular tourist attraction and are featured in popular music and in operas of Johann Strauss and in Richard Straus.

Allegedly, the 1st district sent a letter to the Petitions Committee in the Town Hall, which now has to deal with a demand for a ban…

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