Uniqa: Changes in Supervisory Board

People ♦ Published: March 6, 2012; 14:51 ♦ (Vindobona)

RZB´s supervisory board chairman Christan Konrad will leave Uniqa. RZB´s CeO Walter Rothensteiner succeeds Konrad.

Uniqa: Changes in Supervisory Board / Picture: © Wikipedia / Franz Johann Morgenbesser (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By summer 2012, Christan Konrad will pass on his supervisory board chairmanship to RZB´s CEO Walter Rothensteiner. Konrad was head of Uniqa´s supervisory board since 1990. Rothensteiner is a member of the board since 1995.

The change is seen as indicator that Rothensteiner may succeed Konrad as general advocate at Raiffeisen. Until now, Konrad´s retirement was not fixed.…