Treichl: „BCR Will be Positive this Year“

Professional ServicesBanks ♦ Published: January 24, 2013; 20:06 ♦ Updated: January 24; 21:58 ♦ (Vindobona)

Erste Group´s CEO Andreas Treichl thinks that the Romanian subsidiary Banca Commerciala Romania will not record losses in 2013.

Treichl: „BCR Will be Positive this Year“ / Picture: © Erste Group / Andi Bruckner

At the beginning of this year, Erste Group had to announce severe losses in Romania again. In an interview with “Wirtschaftsblatt”, Treichl explains that the operating results will be substantially better this year than in 2012. “There are some indicators that it becomes better this year. But these indicators are not very strong.” „The strengths of Romania are the labor market…