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Sikorski: Ukraine Close to Deal with IMF

Published: March 29, 2014; 15:57 · (Vindobona)

Poland´s Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski explained that the talks between the IMF and Ukraine have made substantial progress.

Ukraine: Deal With IMF Close to Signing / Picture: © Vindobona.org

The IMF and Ukraine are negotiating on a $ 20bn bailout package for months. After a visit in Poland´s neighbor country Ukraine, Sikorski said that Ukraine urgently needs funds from the IMF. According to Sikorski, the IMF will bail out the ailing country if the Ukrainian government will focus on austerity measures, privatizations and the fight against corruption.

Sikorski: “Fighting corruption must be the top priority of the future government in Ukraine.”

Besides that, the IMF has put pressure on the interim government in Kiev to increase consumer gas prices by 50%. The gas price increase will take effect on 1 May.