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Mitterlehner Meets Hendry: Development of Renewable Energies

Published: September 21, 2010; 13:54 · (Vindobona)

The Finance Minister met with the British Energy Minister Charles Hendry for talks about the energy policy in the EU, the development of renewable energy sources and increasing the security of energy supply.

Mitterlehner Meets Hendry: Development of Renewable Energies / Picture: ©

"We agree that Europe needs to encourage the development of its energy infrastructure. Our energy networks must become more powerful and smarter. That is where Austria can particularly benefit because of its position as an energy hub in the heart of Europe," Mitterlehner said at the meeting in the Ministry of Economy.

The different energy strategies of the two countries and their implementation plans was a central topic.

Britain plans to expand the share of renewable energy sources by the year 2020 to 15%, Austria to 34%.

"Beside the expansion of renewable energies such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass, we particularly bank on higher energy efficiency in order to achieve our energy and climate goals," emphasized Mitterlehner.

Of special interest for the British is the great know-how of Austrian companies about thermal rehabilitation of buildings. In this context, Mitterlehner was of the same opinion as his colleague that even more must be invested in future in technological innovation in the energy sector.

In addition, Mitterlehner made it clear in the meeting with Hendry that Austria strongly opposes the use of nuclear energy. "Nuclear power is not an alternative to the use of sustainable renewable energy sources for us," said Mitterlehner.

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