Keuschnigg: „Austria Needs More Federalism“

More+Comment ♦ Published: May 18, 2012; 12:16 ♦ (Vindobona)

The new director of IHS (Institute of Advanced Studies) considers that a decentralization of the fiscal policy would bring more competition between the provinces.

Keuschnigg: „Austria Needs More Federalism“ / Picture: © Institut für Höhere Studien - Institute for Advanced Studies

Christian Keuschnigg who will take over the directorship at IHS in June, reaffirms that Switzerland could act as role model for Austria´s fiscal policy.

“Austria could benefit from more federalism.” Keuschnigg thinks. The dezentralized organisation of Switzerland brought a reduction in tax rates and public debt, the economist underlines. Between the Swiss provinces, tax…