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How to Set-up a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Austria

Published: November 3, 2014; 17:00 · (Vindobona)

There are a number of important considerations for investors when deciding on how to enter the Austrian market or when establishing a business in Austria. Investors will generally need to choose between establishing a new company, registering as a foreign company or acquiring an existing company. If establishing a new business, a variety of business structures are available, each with their own regulatory and tax considerations. Businesses may also need to establish their identity through a trade mark, online and/or physical presence. Vindobona will provide a series of articles to allow investors to make the choices most appropriate to the nature of their business.

How to Set-up a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Austria / Picture: © Flickr

This article focuses on what is required to form a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Austria.

Other legal forms already have been discussed.

1. Start-up consultancy

Financial and legal advisory service from the Founder Service and/or the specialised departments and professional groups of your WKO.

2. Declaration of the…

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