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Czech RWE-Subsidiary Plans Pipeline Through Austria

Published: October 4, 2011; 10:23 · (Vindobona)

The operators of a gas pipeline “5GL” in the Czech Republic, Austria, Bavaria and Slovenia are considering to build a new pipeline connecting the Souther Czech Republic with Italy and Slovenia.

Czech RWE-Subsidiary Plans Pipeline Through Austria / Picture: © Vindobona.org

The Czech Subsidiary of the German RWE corporation, Net4Gas plans to build a new gas pipeline. The dependence of the Czech Republic on Russian gas thus should be reduced. The project named “5GL” is in its initial phase. By Mid-October, the interest of gas traders for the project will be evaluated, the spokesman of Net4Gas, Milan Repka said.

All in all, a 740 kilometers long pipeline should be built. Costs are estimated to reach € 1.9bn. By 2017, the pipeline could be launched.

In July 2011, Net4Gas also presented the project “Moravia”. A gas pipeline, which connects the Northern and the Southern part of the province of Moravia, was planned. “Moravia” would we plugged at the Austrian gas hub in Baumgarten. If the project “5GL” would mean the end of “Moravia” is still not clear for Net4Gas. Before that, the results of the market targeting have to be evaluated, the company explained.