Cultural Policy Dialogue Between Austria and Liechtenstein

Lifestyle & TravelCulture ♦ Published: January 22, 2023; 23:23 ♦ (Vindobona)

The regular exchange on cultural policy issues contributes to strengthening bilateral relations and cultural cooperation. The Cultural Section of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs received a delegation from the Principality of Liechtenstein for cultural policy dialogue in Vienna.

As a result of regular exchanges on cultural policy issues, bilateral relations and cultural cooperation between Austria and Liechtenstein are enriched. / Picture: ©

Among the topics discussed were successfully launched projects such as the European literature network TRADUKI, the transnational exhibition "Identities," and the artist-in-residence program at the Turmhaus artist's studio in Balzers (Liechtenstein), in which the award-winning Austrian author Ursula Wiegele participated last year.

Future cooperation opportunities were also envisaged, such as events to mark the 20th anniversary of the "Liechtenstein Shelves" at the 65 Austria libraries abroad and the continuation and expansion of the artist-in-residence programs.

Current topics such as sustainable architecture in the Alpine region, digital humanism, and support for Ukrainian artists also flowed into the conversation. Foreign cultural work in the age of digitalization and sustainability was also discussed, because "especially given the burning questions of the future, artists and cultural workers can and should also have their say," said Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Head of the Section for International Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was the third dialogue under a memorandum of understanding jointly signed in 2020 to promote cultural bilateral cooperation. The basis for this is the long-standing friendly-neighborly relations as well as the common history. The next discussion is scheduled for the second half of 2023.