Covid-19 in Austria: 4.5 Million Vaccines Administered

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Austria has administered more than 4.5 million Covid-19 vaccines. As of May 25, around 4.7 million vaccines have been administered to Austrians and to people who live in Austria. Read more about the current progress below!

Over 4.5 million vaccine have been administered in Austria already. A common reason for the vaccine: the Green Passport. / Picture: © Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

After the 2 million vaccinations mark was exceeded on April 10, the 3 million mark was cracked only on April 29, Austria now holds at around 4.7 million administered vaccines.

About 3.4 million people (45 percent of the vaccine-eligible population) have received at least one Covid-19 vaccination, of which 1.3 million (17 percent) have full vaccine protection.

Currently, close contacts of pregnant women, staff in schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities, selected employees in the penal system, police and armed forces as well as risk and high-risk patients are eligible for vaccination. In Vienna, everyone aged 55 and older can also register for an appointment. Additionally, the company vaccination program has sucessfully been implemented.

With the current vaccination speed, every 1.3 seconds a vaccination is administered in Austria. However, this rate is like to improve even further as more and more doses from the various health companies will be available in the upcoming weeks.

By now, around 80 percent of the 75 to 84-year olds and 75 percent of the 65 to 74-year olds have received at least one Covid-19 vaccine. The remainder of the two age groups is, of course, eligible for vaccination.

Austria's Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein has once again emphasized that everyone can receive her or his first vaccine by the end of June.

"Because in June, for the first time, there will be more vaccine available than there are people willing to be vaccinated. Then it will be a matter of convincing those people in Austria who are still hesitating of the usefulness of the Covid-19 vaccination. It is the key in the fight against the pandemic and will bring back many of our accustomed freedoms. That's why I urge everyone to take advantage of this important offer and book a vaccination appointment at the first opportunity," Mückstein stated.

All vaccination figures and links to register in the federal states can be found at:

Austria's Ministry of Health