City of Vienna Gives Up to 200 Euros to Households in Need

Countries ♦ Published: November 29, 2022; 22:15 ♦ (Vindobona)

The City of Vienna is preparing to give up to 200 Euros to its citizens, in the frame of the Energy Bonus 22, as declared in the City's press release.

"With the Vienna Energy Bonus 22, we already created an additional fourth pillar of support for the Viennese in the summer.", says Peter Hanke, City Councillor for Finance. / Picture: © Magistrat der Stadt Wien / Christian Jobst / PID

The Vienna Energy Bonus 22 is a subsidy from the City of Vienna. During the following days, Vienna's residents are going to receive a letter that contains the access data i.e the personal information and a password. The password can be then used to access the city's website. The information will be examined and the money will be transferred to the bank account within a few days. The deadline for the giving of information is December 5th.

"With the Vienna Energy Bonus 22, we already created an additional fourth pillar of support for the Viennese in the summer. This means that, after the Vienna Energy Bonus amounting to around 125 million euros, we are now investing another 130 million euros. Around one million Viennese and two-thirds of all households in Vienna will benefit from the Vienna Energy Bonus 22, which can be applied for in the next few days. In this way, we are reaching far into the middle class and supporting people where they currently need it most urgently," says Peter Hanke, City Councillor for Finance.

Eligible for this money are people who are registered in Vienna as their main residence until the 10th of November. Also, you have to have an income limit of up to 40.000 Euros gross per year for one-person households, and up to 100.000 Gross per year for multiple-person households, according to the city's website.

The letter contains a password that is required for the online application. Persons who do not have the possibility to submit an online application themselves - and neither can family and friends submit the online application - can contact the service telephone of the Department for Social Affairs, Social and Health Law of the City of Vienna at +43 1 4000 8040 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00).

"Inflation in virtually all areas of life has become an enormous problem for many people in our city. Very many households are suffering in particular from the sharp rise in energy prices. The Energy Bonus 22 is intended to provide relief here - and not just for households with particularly low incomes. To be able to help quickly, applications are processed automatically and payment is made within a few days. People who find it difficult to fill out online applications can come to one of the KWP houses or FSW facilities and fill out and submit the application with the help of the support staff," says Social City Councilor Peter Hacker.

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