CA Immo: „Results Would Have Been Perfect“

Professional ServicesReal Estate ♦ Published: March 21, 2013; 13:21 ♦ (Vindobona)

CEO of CA Immo, Bruno Ettenauer, proclaims that without devaluations the real estate company had to make the end results for 2012 would have been “perfect”. Now, CA Immo considers withdrawing from non profit-making markets.

CA Immo: „Results Would Have Been Perfect“ / Picture: © CA Immo AG

Because of devaluations in the CESEE region, especially logistics properties in Hungary, the annual balance sheet was spoiled. The real estate company will stick on CESEE countries but will focus on those countries where work and expenses would justify a local presence.

Ettenauer explains that CA Immo would need a real estate portfolio at around € 300m least on each market.…

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