C-Quadrat: Unexpected Good Performance in December

Professional ServicesOther Services ♦ Published: January 5, 2018; 16:51 ♦ (Vindobona)

Due to the positive performance of several investment funds managed by asset management companies of the C-Quadrat Group, which reached new price highs, in December 2017 the C-Quadrat Group realized additional revenue from performance-related remuneration.

C-Quadrat: Unexpected Good Performance in December / Picture: © C-Quadrat

Overall, after amounts contractually owed to third parties and on the basis of
the value of C-QUADRAT Investment AG's (ISIN AT0000613005) equity interests in
these asset management companies, additional revenue provided by performance-
related remuneration in December 2017 is expected to amount to approx. EUR 12
million. This revenue will be included in the…

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