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Austria: Low Attractiveness as Research Location

Published: February 27, 2012; 18:59 · (Vindobona)

According to a study among European scientists, Austria loses its reputation. The most attractive destination is the U.S.

Austria: Low Attractiveness as Research Location / Picture: ©

For scientists, Austria is not seen as an attractive research location. 25% of the interviewees stated that the U.S would be the most preferred destination, followed by the U.K. (16%) and Germany (10%). Austria is not among the top-ten destinations. Comparable countries like Switzerland, Netherlands or Sweden show a higher attractiveness. At least, the attractiveness of Austria rises for those scientists, who have worked in Austria before. This is the result of the EU-wide survey “MORE” (Mobility of Researchers in Europe”) among scientists. 4,500 interviewees were asked.

On average, 56% of the researchers already have worked in another country for more than three months. In Austria, 51% have worked already abroad. The highest mobility rates are observed in Greece (73%) or Portugal (70%). At the European level 65% of the mobile researchers are male, in Austria, male researchers have a share of 76%. About 30% of the researchers have studied already abroad.

A major incentive for leaving Austria is the high degree of precarious jobs. The share of workers with limited employment contracts reaches 53% in Austria, which is substantially higher than the European average (33%). 80% of the Austrian researchers have a full-time employment (European average: 92%).

Financial incentives are less important for the mobility among researchers. The most important factors are the research atmosphere, the opportunity to work together with leading experts, career prospects and research infrastructure. Private motives are less important.

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