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26°EAST: Glamorous Opening of New Champagne Bar at Hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski

Published: March 17, 2018; 08:30 · (Vindobona) · Sponsored Content

The new new cocktail and champagne bar 26°EAST was opened in the Palais Hansen Kempinski with a magnificent party. According to General Manager Gerhard Mitrovits, this bar is to develop into an exclusive bar hotspot at the end of the Ringstrasse.

26°EAST: Glamorous Opening of New Champagne Bar at Hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski / Picture: © Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

The new location for all bar fans and connoisseurs of good drinks at the Schottenring: 26°EAST.

Creative cocktails, fine spirits and champagne are on the menu of the new bar in the Palais Hansen Kempinski.

The unusual name of the bar also reveals the concept: The signature cocktails are inspired by countries along the 26th degree of longitude - 26, since the address of the Bar is Schottenring 26.

David Penker is the Bar Manager of 26°EAST and responsible for the drinks.

In addition to the cocktails, the bar team serves a wide selection of Scottish and Japanese whiskys, as well as bourbons, gins and rums.

In addition, David Penker has rediscovered the traditional technique of "dry throwing": the first way to mix cocktails, when there was no ice to cool the drinks.

Another special feature of the 26°EAST is the champagne offer: The bar team serves glasses from the Magnum bottle.

For snacks the team serves delicacies on the subject of “dumplings”, such as vareniki, dim sum or samosas.

A seafood bar with lobster, oysters and caviar provides the perfect accompaniment to champagne.

General Manager Gerhard Mitrovits engaged the 28-year-old Styrian David Penker as bar manager, who has already made a good name for himself as bartender and bar manager in top restaurants such as Hangar-7, Little Grain, Licca Lounge or Döllerers Genusswelten.

The creative and experimental IBA Master of Bartending, Wine and Spirits and state-certified barkeeper promises to serve not only classic drinks but also the unusual.

With "Cape Town's Drunken Gardener", "Turkish Honey" or "Borschtsch" bar manager David Penker takes his guests on a journey to the countries along the 26th eastern meridian. 

Apart from the Signature cocktails already mentioned, there are many other creative cocktails, fine spirits and fine champagne on the bar menu.

To start with, the bar chef will be presenting cocktails based on South Africa, Botswana, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Latvia.

Baraffins already recognize a special exclusivity in the example of Botswana cocktails. According to David Penker, it contains a consommé stored in a cattle stomach, which gives the drink a very special touch.

Subsequently, the cocktails will be seasonally exchanged and continuously supplemented by new ones from a total of 20 countries along the 26th eastern degree of longitude.

The champagne offer of the house can also be described as quite exclusive, because the king of all wines is served in the bar and soon also in the garden by the glass from the magnum bottle.

As bar snacks the bar team serves filled delicacies from all over the world such as Russian Wareniki, Indian Samosas or Chinese Dim Sums.

And guests will find lobster, oysters and caviar at the seafood bar to accompany the champagne.

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